Yoshimasa Hosoya : Joe/NOMAD

When I heard they were going to make a sequel, I tried not to think too much about it. There are so many things you can’t know without actually going to the studio, so I figured I’d just keep cool and wait for the post-recording date. While we were making it, I told myself to just stay positive and try to let go of the past. I think that’s what you have to do—or at least, if you don’t, you’ll start getting frustrated with certain things. Still, there were times when I had my doubts. But those were the things that were fresh about it. I think I was able to realize how much I had changed even more so because I had been involved in the previous series, and I was able to incorporate those changes into my character. There were a lot of limitations, but I figured I could create something new while keeping something important from the past alive. I want to thank all the fans of the series for their support.


When my office said, “Shiro, they’re recording MEGALOBOX 2,” I just yelled, “WHAT!?”{newline} I was out of my mind. I mean, MEGALOBOX is full-on!! But wait! Gansaku Nanbu got blinded—would he appear as a corner man in the sequel? What was going to happen with him? I had so many questions. When I saw the script, I was blown away!! Of course, you’ve got to watch it to see what happens. The long-awaited sequel to MEGALOBOX is here. It will be hard to stop the tears when you watch this anime.

Hiroki Yasumoto : YURI

I couldn’t believe they were going to do a sequel. I was happy to hear it.{newline} How did Yuri’s life turn out?{newline} What did Joe think of everything, and how does he go on?{newline} Get ready for a passionate tale that’s as rich as it is gory. {newline} I can’t wait.

Michiyo Murase : SACHIO

I was so excited when I found out they were going to do a sequel—partly because I wanted to watch it, too!{newline} The day someone posted a tweet that said, “the final episode of MEGALOBOX aired two years ago today” was the day I received an offer to do the voice for Sachio in the sequel. I remember having a strange feeling about it—how he was back then mixed with how he would be going forward. It’s hard to describe.{newline} It’s been seven years since then... This is a heavy series. It’ll punch you in the gut. It’s not something you want to miss.